Asheville, NC-based Travers Brothership have announced a lengthy tour in support of their latest release, Let The World Decide. Starting April 5th, the Brothership takes flight into new, uncharted territory, storming the east coast and deep south with their homegrown brand of funky, improvisation-driven rock and roll.

Philadelphia's MINKA announces the final two EPs in their 2019 trilogy - two works that are complete opposites. The first is a potent blend of intrigue and sexuality – an R&B exploration of all things forbidden. The latter collection, by contrast, experiments with modern pop interpretations of 19th century classical repertoire. Mysteries of the Heart arrived on March 29 and Reincarnation, April 12.

The Head And The Heart have released their new track, ‘Honeybee’, the second to be released from their forthcoming album Living Mirage, out May 17th via Warner Bros. Records/Reprise Records.

Celebrating the grandeurs of life with an intoxicating collection of new cross-cultural anthems, Delhi 2 Dublin crafts blissful Subcontinental Pop with traces of India and Ireland on their latest studio album, We Got This (Warner Canada; Release Date: May 17, 2019). Delhi 2 Dublin breaks down walls and builds bridges for all people to unite with reassurance that better days are ahead. When the world is hyper-divided with factions perpetuating hatred and fear, empowering music is the vehicle for social change.

Dylan Jakobsen is a bit different from your stereotypical country singer and songwriter. He’s not from the south, didn’t grow up on a farm, doesn’t drink… Yet he’s certainly worthy of a spot-on country music’s mainstage. With his album, I Am, he paints a picture of his journey as an artist - incredibly well, I might add. Not only did Jakobsen write every song and play all the instruments on this album, he also produced it in his own home studio. His talent, across the board, is undeniable. So, buckle up: Jakobsen's album does not disappoint.

Just released! Sizzling Nashville-based duo, Striking Matches, has released a new music video for "Don't Hold Back" from the forthcoming EP, Morning. The video was directed by Casey Pierce.

Folk music in Appalachia is usually a family affair, handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, shared via backyard parties, kitchen jam sessions, or old-time fiddler conventions. For breakout Americana star Dori Freeman, this is the world she grew up in, singing old songs with her father Scott Freeman and her grandfather Willard Gayheart.

They’ve become one of Brooklyn’s freshest exports – nine charismatic men and women brightly outfitted to have their colorful nature match their expressive voice.

Energetic splashes of funk, alternative, rock, R&B, and psychedelia color the music of Turkuaz. Balancing male-female harmonies, strutting guitars, wild horn arrangements, and interminable grooves, this spirit takes shape in the color donned by each respective member on stage nightly via larger-than-life performances.

They say that art is often borne from adversity. With his new album, Kingdom From, due for release April 20, John Schreiner demonstrates how even the most perilous period in one’s life can result in some of the most moving and compelling music imaginable.

“There are plenty of reasons to pursue music,” Schreiner notes. “But every real artist I’ve known insists they were writing to save their own life.”

On May 17th Perpetual Groove will release their first new album since 2009, which is self-titled on Harmonized Records.  In addition to a North American tour in support of the LP, the band is resurrecting its popular Talking in Place message board on their revamped website, The first single, “Upswing,’ was released today along with an accompanying video, a new venture for the veteran outfit” – Relix.

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